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Our infant and toddler programs are based on the Resources for Infant Educators (RIE) philosophy, where each young child is loved and respected as an individual learner. This approach fosters a trusting and close relationship between the child, teacher and parents. Our infants and toddlers enjoy both indoor and outdoor classroom spaces where they can gain independence as they grow, learn, and explore God's world around them. 

We build emotional security, self-esteem, and personal awareness, by encouraging and close personal contact with teachers, using positive verbal messages, allowing freedom of play, giving children age-appropriate activities, and treating all children with dignity and respect.


We develop communication skills, by talking with children throughout the day (including during routines such as diaper changing), by asking questions, providing information, telling stories, singing songs, naming objects, describing activities, and encouraging children to communicate through facial expressions, sign language, and actively talking to our young learners.


We foster social development between children and teachers by providing loving, respectful interactions that help children to establish a sense of trust and wellbeing. We actively encourage relationships with peers through teacher-facilitated physical contact, interaction during play, and small group activities.


We cultivate gross and fine motor skills by providing age-appropriate physical challenges, such as opportunities for grasping and manipulating objects, climbing, using push toys, and exploring our outdoor classroom environments.

Infants & Toddlers

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